Rendering meta tagsΒΆ

To render the meta tags, simply add the meta dictionary/object to the template context, and add this inside the <head> tags:

{% include 'meta/meta.html' %}

The partial template will not output anything if the context dictionary does not contain a meta object, so you can safely include it in your base template.

Additionally, if you want to use facebook or a custom namespace, you should include them in the <head> tag, as follow:

{% load meta %}
<head {% meta_namespaces %} >

This will take care of rendering OpenGraph namespaces in the <head prefix="...">.

If you enabled support and you want to mark the whole page as object, add the following templatetag to the <html> tag:

{% load meta %}
<html {% meta_namespaces_schemaorg %}>

For compatibility with 1.0 and previous version you can keep the sekizai version of the above:

{% load sekizai_tags meta %}
<html {% render_block 'html_extra' %}>